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Whatsapp and SMS Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing :

Whatsapp is a Mobile App which is used in the Online chat without charges. We can chat with other Whatsapp member online. This lets you share image,text and supports free voice and video calls.

These are 3 basic ways to share images, messages and video using Whatsapp :

  1. One-to-one chat : You can directly chat with another whatsapp user who is your contacts list. You can message, share image or do Video call.
  2. Groups : Lets you message with upto 256 people at once by sharing images, messages and making video calls. Every one in the Group will see the conversation of you.
  3. Broadcast List : If you send a message or any information to a Broadcast list, it will go any individual who has your number saved in their address book. They will message as BCC in Email. No one can able to see replies.It will appear as a normal, one-to-one message in your chats screen, and their reply won’t be sent to anyone else in that broadcast list.

Why Whatsapp Marketing ?

Today, More than 60 billion messages are sending through Whatsapp only. 67 percent of mobile messaging app users said they expect to use chat more for communicating with businesses over the next two years.53 percent of respondents say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message directly.

What is Whatsapp and SMS Marketing


Messaging apps like WhatsApp have incredible engagement rates: 98 percent of mobile messages are opened and read, with 90 percent of them getting opened within three seconds of being received.

WhatsApp account is tied directly to a single mobile phone number—and you can only message with up to 256 WhatsApp users at once—it isn’t a good choice for large-scale, one-to-many marketing.

SMS Marketing :

SMS are more effective as it can open within just 5 minutes. It is used in providing reminders, contests and coupons.

Steps to follow in SMS Campaigns :

  1. Discover : Discover how to engage with the customers with proper reports.
  2. Organize in a Way : Organize Campaigns with an easy SMS Campaign creation, automated personalization.
  3. Communicate : Communicate with customers is an easy way with this.


What is Whatsapp and SMS Marketing


Lot of Companies are providing many types of bulk SMSs like Transactional SMSs, OTPs (One Time Password), Images, PDF attachments, Promotional Messaging, Order Confirmation, Notifications, Alerts, Booking Transaction SMS, Account Information, Delivery Status SMS, User Verifications, Upcoming Reminders, Appointment Messages, School & Campus Updates to Parents, Birthday Wishes and Festival Greetings etc.

There are a lot of best companies for bulk SMS services in India and the business in this sector has grown tremendously in past few years. People are turning themselves towards a world which is fully web-based and digitized.