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Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

When it comes to Marketing and Advertising, there are two basic options to choose from: Traditional and Online Marketing.

Traditional Prints include ads like direct mail, flyers, and ads in magazines and newspapers. Online ads include pay-per-click advertisements, banner ads, and social media. The two are clearly very different.

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But How Do Compare Traditional And Online Marketing?

In the best case scenario, your business would use both print and online advertising methods to reach the highest amount of customers. But when it comes down to it, if you have to choose one or the other in between Traditional and Online Marketing, online advertisements are simply the better choice.


Traditional vs Digital Marketing


Why Online Ads?

Online advertising has grown quickly in terms of both options and usage over the past few years, but many marketers still question whether or not it’s really more effective than traditional print advertising.

Here’s why so many businesses are making the switch:

  • 87% of people are Internet users
  • Internet marketing allows companies to reach consumers as they’re actively searching for products, as opposed to interrupting them during other activities
  • Internet marketing strategies allow for much more advanced tracking and analytics
  • 87% of people are Internet users Online advertisements cost less
  • Online targeting is much more specific

Now, we’ll take a closer look at the advantages online ads offer in terms of your audience, goals and budget.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Some people assume online ads will appeal to a younger audience, while print will appear to an older audience. This isn’t necessarily true. Internet users are diverse, and even in the age group with the lowest adoption rate (65+), the percentage that are Internet users is still 57%.

Fortunately, no matter who your target audience is, you can reach them in two ways i.e., Traditional and Online Marketing. In Onlne Marketing platforms like Google AdWords, you can target users based on the keywords they search for.


Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing


On social media platforms, you can choose your targeting based on age, location, gender, and interests. You can also create several ads with different content, and select different audiences for each.

With Traditional Print ads, you’re relying on a Press kit. The Press kit for a magazine, newspaper, directory, or other print medium will tell you how many readers read a specific publication, their median income, their age range, and their location.

Although print has a place, and we’re not saying print is dead – that is not the case at all, we are saying that print advertising costs far more for inaccurate readership and distribution when compared to Facebook Advertising.

As a small to medium sized business you cannot afford to spend money on advertising but get little to no return, and for many businesses this is unfortunately the case.

Business owners must move with the times and be aware of the benefits of both offline and online advertising. There are distinct reasons for being on either, but using print advertising as your only strategy because that is all you have ever done is a surefire way to allow your competitors to take the potential online business away from you.

 Which is better Traditional marketing or digital marketing?Conclusion :

Based on this, you can decide where you want to advertise. If you decide to use a flyer or direct mail, you can rely on demographic information based on a specific location or mailing list. And although this can help you get a general idea of who you’re reaching, it’s not nearly as targeted as online options.





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